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Bracket Brewing More Toppings Double IPA

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Brewery: Bracket Brewing 

Style: Double IPA 

Size: 440ml Can. 

Origin:  Sydney, NSW Australia 

ABV: 8.1% 


Mosaic / Simcoe / NZ Cascade / Idaho-7 / Citra / Motueka / Chinook

Have you played Zoombinis? Well we did, and we remember a weird little mini-game where you had to make make pizzas for a tree! If the tree decided that it did not have enough toppings it would yell “More Toppings!”…welcome to how we name our beers.

When we looked back over the ingredients for this beer we were a little shocked at the variety of malts and hops that went into making it. More toppings? Yes, please!

As with most of our beers we recommend pouring it into a glass but with this one, drink it slow because the different hop characters will appear as it warms up.

Must be at least 18 years old & over to purchase. 

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