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Mountain Culture Beer Co. x Hop Nation - Ukulele Solo Decoction Maibock

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Brewery: Mountain Culture Beer Co.

Style: Decoction Maibock

Size: 355ml can

Origin: Katoomba, New South Wales Australia

ABV: 7%


We invited our mates at Hop Nation to our Katoomba brewpub the night before our Rauchbier Festival to lay down a traditional Maibock, which was great and all, but the real fun happened after the lights went out and we locked the doors and REDACTED-  which led to the name Ukulele Solo at approximately 3:21am.

Months later, once everyone had almost recovered, we were able to package this full bodied, crisp-finishing lager that perfectly displays the complex interplay of hoppy bitterness and sweet malty undertones.

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