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Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. - You Wouldn't Download a Beer (Hazy IPA)

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Brewery: Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Style: Hazy IPA

Size: 375ml Can

Origin: Besselton, WA Australia

ABV: 7.5%


The year is 2001, you have jumped on to the heavy duty family PC to risk it all and spend 16 days downloading what could very well be your undoing. Is it a mega virus or is it the video that the you want it to be? You hear the familiar and comforting tones of the modem dialling up. You wait, patient but anxious knowing that it’s all on the line and the feds could come busting into your house at any moment.

An insatiable thirst comes over you. Uncontrollable, you must quench it immediately. You Wouldn’t Download A Beer enters the chat.

Upon cracking the can you are hit with aromas of passionfruit, pineapple, mango and tantalising tropical juice. The first sip transports you into a flavour rabbit hole and you can’t find your way out. A hefty backbone supplied copious amounts of pale malt, oats, malted wheat, triticale and rolled wheat allow the Citra Lupomaxx, Mosaic Lupomaxx, Citra Incognito, Mosaic Incognito and Galaxy hops to shine bright!

You finish the can before you know it, only to see your sibling pick up the phone to make a call. You shout out letting them know that it will stop your video download in its tracks. It’s too late and the connection is broken. Better grab another beer!

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