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White Bay Beer Co. - Morning Yearning (Baltic Porter)

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Brewery: White Bay Beer Co.

Style: Baltic Porter

Size: 440ml can

Origin: Sydney, NSW Australia

ABV: 6.8%



You’re probably scratching your head thinking, “wait smoke beer is a thing?!?!”. Heck yes it is and it’s delicious. Recent polls amongst our crew and the crew at the Little Marionette agree that this beer in particular is figgin delicious. We brewed this baby like the majority of it’s coffee-laden predecessors, on a base rich in Gladfield specialty malts along with some malt smoked over Beechwood from our pals over at Weyermann.

We fermented this beer cold with our house lager strain and its naturally carbonated. Once fermentation was complete our mate Willy, esteemed chef at The Welcome Hotel, smoked heaps of Australian grown almonds over cherrywood and we added those almonds to the beer.

Finally our mate, Paul at the Little Marionette, selected a choice single origin Ethiopian coffee to condition this heavenly brew upon. Paul shares a like minded passion with us and this project was our most exciting yet. Seeing Paul’s eyes light up when he tried his first smoked beer and seeing the creativity flow out of him was an honour to be a part of.

The finished beer is greater than the sum of its parts. Thick brownie batter vibes abound with red fruit notes bouncing out of the glass, compliments of the extraordinary coffee. The almonds provide a rich, nutty base and the gentlest riffs of smoke grounds what would otherwise potentially be an overly decadent drop.

Ladies and gentlemen what we have here is potentially our most sessionable coffee porter to date. If you’re a fan of our coffee beers, then this is right up your alley! And if you haven’t had our coffee beers but enjoy delicious things then this is right up your alley!

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