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White Bay Beer Co. - Watermelon Sour Gose

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Brewery: White Bay Beer Co. 

Style: Sour Gose 

Size: 355ml can 

Origin: Sydney, NSW Australia 

ABV: 4.8% 


There has been a dream floating around the brewery for some time to make this beer. The dream was to make a refreshing fruity number to ease the transition from work to couch on these balmy Sydney afternoons. Being brewers we generally look for the easiest way out of any task so figured we'd try something new and casually skip the boil entirely. Before you come to the conclusion that we've completely lost it let us assure you that this is actually a thing, it's called Raw Ale. Watermelon Gose was fermented with an out-of-this-world yeast strain our good mate Nick at One Drop Brewing introduced us to that throws of heaps of tropical fruit and underpinnings of more traditional, Belgian esters. Generous additions of coriander seed and our favourite Olsson's Sea Salt lay a refreshing brine-y and citrusy base layer for the addition of fresh watermelon juice. All of this combines to create a refreshing tipple very reminiscent of watermelon margarita (minus the tequila of course). Best enjoyed after a long day's work and/or with tequila.

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