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Willie Smith's - 2021 Heritage Blend (apple cider)

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Style: Cider

Size: 750ml Bottle

Origin: Huon Valley, Tasmania Australia

ABV: 8.6%

A delicious blend of heritage apples – those with a long history of cultivation for cidermaking in the old world countries such as England, France, Spain and Germany.

Diverse in flavour and personality, with wonderful names that link them to their origins.

Often categorised as either sweets. sharps, bittersharps or bittersweets – according to the balance of sugar, acid, tannins and phenolics.

This cider is made from a mix of the following varieties: Antoinette, Brown’s Apple, Bulmers Norman, Cimetiere de blangy, Closette, Cremiere, Dabinett, French Crab, Frequin Rouge Amer, Improved Foxwhelp, Michelin, Somerset Red Streak, Sweet Coppin and Yarlington Mill.

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