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We opened our doors in Chippendale in April 2017. Since then we're constantly improving our services and always want to bring something special to you. We're passionate about craft beer of any kind and form. That's why we have lots of interesting craft beers from Australia and around the world in our fridges. Our growler filling station will please any craft beer connoisseur. We fill growlers under pressure and CO2 to make sure that when you drink it, beer is still fresh and fizzy as it comes straight from the tap. Keep it cold in the fridge and it'll last for weeks until you open it, once you open a growler, drink it within a day or two.

We also love good wine and cider. Our selection of Natural Wines is always expanding. If you're looking for a specialty craft cider, then we're the place to visit.

At Beer Barrel we also offer Cold Same Day delivery in our local area.

We always have something special to surprise you. We're a family-owned shop with a super friendly team and we always will help you to pick the best beer, wine or cider for your liking.

100% of our stock is kept cold to maintain the freshness. 

Our bottle shop hours

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednsday - 3pm - 8pm
Thursday - 3pm - 9pm
Friday - 3pm - 9pm
Saturday - 12pm - 9pm
Sunday - 12pm - 6pm

Beer Barrel Craft Beer & Growler Station

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednsday - 3pm - 8pm
Thursday - 3pm - 9pm
Friday - 3pm - 9pm
Saturday - 12pm - 9pm
Sunday - 12pm - 6pm

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