Upcoming Breweries and Beers


🚨Kings County Brewers Collective - KCBC🚨
•Brains In Space TIPA
•Barks & Recreation NEIPA
•Fear The Sunset Imperial Stout
•Infinite Machine Pilsner
•Los Muertos Dark Lager
•Pie Fall Fruited Sour

🚨Hudson Valley Brewery🚨
•Alpenglow Sour Double IPA
•Holy Icon Sour Double IPA
•Entremet Sour Double IPA
•Peach Silhouette Sour IPA
•Pendant Double IPA

🚨Grimm Artisanal Ales🚨
•Ambient Fizz Spritzy Spontaneous Ale
•Grimm Weisse Double Decoction Mashed Hefeweissbier
•Oracle Deck Double IPA
•Love Is Everywhere Vanilla Bean Porter
•Day Of Radiance Hazy IPA
•BANG Double IPA
•Upstairs/Downstairs DDH Double IPA
•Double Negative Imperial Stout
•Gathering Cabernet Franc Barrel-aged Sour
•Gathering Stone Fruit Barrel-aged Sour
•Gesture Drawing Barrel-aged Sour

🚨Evil Twin🚨
•ET Stay Home 1 ‘Frosty Winter Edition’ Fruited Sour

We'll combine a few Beer Barrel packs for the special price.

26th February:
🚨FiftyFifty Brewing Co.🚨
•2023 Frey Ranch® Bourbon Barrel Eclipse
•2023 Old Trestle® Bourbon Barrel Eclipse
•2023 Laws® Four Grain Bourbon Barrel Eclipse
•2023 Elijah Craig® 12-Yr Barrel Eclipse
•2023 Garrison Brothers® Single Barrel Eclipse
•2023 Old Fashioned Blend Eclipse
•2023 Honeycomb Blend Eclipse
•SMASHPRICOT Barrel aged double mash barleywine with peaches
NOTE: FiftyFifty will be available in the mix 7 pack (one of each) for the special price. Barleywine can be added on request.

🚨Burlington Brewing Co.🚨
•It's Complicated Being a Wizard Double IPA
•Imperial Dream Eater BBA Imperial Stout

🚨RAR Brewing🚨
•Mortal Kombat Scorpion - Get Over Here Fruited Sour
•Raiden - Storms A Brewin Fruited Sour
•Liu Kang - Double Dragon Kick Fruited Sour
•Batman - I am the Night Fruited Sour
•Joker - You Are Berry Funny Fruited Sour
•Harley Quinn - Juicy Jester Juice Fruited Sour
•Mr Freeze - Freezes Blueberry Birthday Surprise Fruited Sour
•Tin Man - In Need of Lubricating Fruited Sour
•Flying Monkey - We Stay Fly Fruited Sour

🚨Parish Brewing Co.🚨
•Ghost in the Machine Double IPA
•Blueberry Mochi Sour - Fruited Berliner Weisse